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CEI has 3 main wings:

  • Exam Preparation Wing: The Examination Preparation wing imparts high value courses in the TOEFL iBT, IELTS, ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT. These examinations are entry criteria at various levels of education in a host of nations around the world- in particular, the English speaking ones. The courses and their lesson plans were developed keeping in mind the various guidelines and requirements of various examining bodies. For instance, the IELTS exam preparation course was developed in accordance with UCLES (University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate) guidelines and the TOEFL iBT in accordance with the skill- based ETS (Education Testing Service) approach. The specialty of our preparation wing is that our teachers (who has experience of teaching more than 10 years) teaches in order to cater to the needs and benefits of pupils. The outcome of it has been that pupils have succeeded in obtaining Band 8 in IELTS, 110 in iBT, and 28 in ACT so far.
  • Language Wing: Nepalese are travelling abroad for educational purposes, trainings, and business opportunities at a greater rate than previously. Thus, it is now very important that they have the basic communication skills in different languages. CEI has understood this and has specialized courses available in many foreign languages for pupils from all walks of life. The management team of CEI is in constant liaison with the appropriate organizations so that CEI is aware of and implementing the latest curricula in these language courses. The language teachers have track records in imparting instructions in English Language courses and courses in other Foreign Languages.
  • Placement Wing: Once the pupils have sat for their final exams in various subjects at the local testing centers in Kathmandu, CEI counsels prospective pupils for their higher education in foreign countries. To select the right college and university for a Nepali pupil is very difficult, but well-trained counselors provide all the necessary information about colleges and universities and the lengthy processing system for the pupil visa application in various embassies.

    The pupil counselors undergo an intensive training before they are delegated to provide any information on colleges or universities in the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Cyprus and Singapore. The counselors assist the prospective pupils in obtaining the necessary documents prior to applying for admissions in a foreign university or college. They then counsel pupils on putting together the best-case presentation possible to obtain a pupil visa to study at international colleges and universities. Holding regular seminars at CEI by various international colleges and universities to inform the pupils about the courses that are available in these colleges and universities has been given priority for days to come. In addition, the general ways of life in the country in question, its culture and religions, the cost of living, and pupil visa application formalities are explained explicitly.